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Wecome to Napavine – For a Day or a Lifetime

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This week’s entry we are focusing in on a town about 4 miles south of Chehalis along the I-5 corridor! While not a new town, the last two decades have seen some explosive growth thanks, in part, to one of the best schools in the area. Join us, for a trip through Napavine, WA!


When settlers first came here, Napavine used to be a prairie on the peak of a hill. Soon after it sprang up to serve the railroad by building sawmills and providing railroad ties. At the height of powers, Napavine eclipsed 1,500 persons, but due to financial issues, the population dwindled to 184 people in 1930. By 1990, the population was still only at 745 but with the housing boom grew to almost 2,000 people in 2010 and has remained relatively stable since that time.


Napavine is known for its small town atmosphere and quality school district. During the housing boom of the mid-2000s, these factors led to explosive growth. Located only a few miles from Chehalis, its the perfect bedroom community. It’s only about a mile from the freeway, so perfect for commuting as well. Surround by rural farmland and timberland, the town has intentionally been kept small by local government leaders to maintain its charm and ability to serve current residents.

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Recreation & Events

While Napavine is just over 2 square miles in size, there are 3 parks / ball fields. It is located within a 2 hour drive to the beach, mountains, and major cities like Seattle & Portland. During July, Napavine hosts the Funtime Festival. There are plenty of activities, like lawnmower races, for everyone to partake in and enjoy. Click on the link for more information!


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