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​ Buying a home is one of the largest financial transactions in your lifetime.

Why not enlist the services of a Buyer’s Agent for FREE?

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or have been buying and selling for a while, things can change quickly in real estate.

Buying Power

Find out what you can afford and negotiate from a position of strength.

Initial Buyer Consultation

Get all your questions answered and specify the criteria of your dream home.

Be Prepared

Learn the costs associated with purchasing a home and how long it will take.

Selecting the Right Agent

Ready to start looking for your dream home, but not sure how to pick the right agent for you? Check out this FREE guide today! Inside you’ll find tons of helpful information including a checklist of items to look for in an agent and questions to ask when you’ve found the right one.

Houses for Sale Winlock Washington

The real estate market is a dynamic market and to find the best available option, going through all the necessary options is extremely necessary. Pick out the best agent for the task with some of the best Onalaska WA homes for sale available here. You can be prepared for the process with great buying power and Initial buyer consultation. All of this is available here at Eren Millam Realtor. It is ideal to use a buyer’s agent as the well-trained support helps with the needs of today’s buyers. As time has changed and the growing idea of buyers has also changed. Houses for Sale Winlock Washington and the requirements of buyers need to be noted and fulfilled. It can be difficult for buyers to find an ideal property for sale In Lewis County WA.

Various houses for sale in Chehalis WA have unique pros and cons. Looking towards various options and choosing the one best option available online is the goal. This can be attained only once the person knows about the various available options online. Eren Millam Realtor this is a very useful source for your need. A real estate investment requires great support and analysis of small details. Choose the best service as it will ultimately impact the quality of the purchase.


How much does it cost to use a buyer’s agent?

It does not cost you, the buyer, any money to work with a buyer’s agent. The commission comes out of the seller’s proceeds. It’s totally free!

What are the benefits in using a buyer’s agent?

An ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), such as myself, is specifically trained to meet the needs of today’s buyers. Besides the benefits discussed in the buyer consultation, it demonstrates my commitment to providing extraordinary service to buyers. 

Why should I choose you to be my buyer’s agent?

 I became a Realtor because I saw a glaring lack of customer service. I have over 10 years experience in both the private and public sector and wanted to bring those skills to this profession. Part of that is delivering accurate information, quality referrals, making sure things get done when I say they will and saving you money throughout the transaction. 

What are the benefits of getting pre-approved with a local lender?

Besides a seller not taking you seriously or potentially not even allowing you in their home, getting your pre-approval allows you the ability to negotiate from a maximum position of strength. Also, certain loan types have certain conditions on the types of homes you can buy. If your financial picture is clear, you’ll find your next home a lot faster and without surprises.

Why can’t we just go look at the homes I contacted you about?

While many agents will take you to a home without any questions, I want to make sure the home is right for you first! You definitely want a responsive agent, but if you never meet with them first, how do you know they are a quality agent or have your best interests in mind? The home search process can be exciting, but that quickly wears off when you are taken to multiple homes that don’t match what you’re looking for.