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The Anatomy of the Deal: Part 8 – Septic Addendum

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22S – The Septic Addendum

This form is common in Lewis County as we have a lot of rural housing. You typically won’t find this for homes in town, although I’ve seen them on the edges of Chehalis & Centralia as they grow outward. So what exactly is a septic and what is the addendum about it cover?

A septic system is essentially a personal sewer system for your home. The benefits are that there is no monthly cost and you can live as far out away from civilization as you want. To install, they’re around $15,000 – $20,000 and require servicing during a sale for around $450 (not including any repairs). As a buyer, an existing system is a major bonus!

The form above, 22S: Septic Addendum, identifies the property is serviced by a septic and provides the framework of its inspection. Typically, this is a seller cost and it must be pumped unless it has been already serviced in the prior 12 months. Buyer has a checkbox where they can indicate if they want to be there during the service. That can be helpful if the lids are buried.

The 22S is pretty simple and straightforward! Don’t be scared by all the technical legal language. Boiled down, it just is a procedure for ensuring the system is in working order. I would highly recommend you always include this form when you suspect a property is served by a septic system.

If you have any questions about this form or any others we’ve covered, or real estate questions in general, I’m happy to discuss your real estate goals! Any topics you want me to cover in future blogs? Let me know!

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