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March Market Update

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Market still going up, but appears to be leveling.

Last month, the average sales price for residential property in Lewis County hit $278,138. At the end of February, that number has once again climbed to $279,996 for an increase of $1,858.

In the last market update, I showed that while the average sales price climbed $1,700 (lower than we’ve been seeing during the latter half of the year) it was still almost twice as much as the previous year’s increase.

However, while this month showed a gain & a higher gain at that, than last month, I wanted to look at what happened during previous years. In 2019, the difference between Jan & Feb was a gain of $3,600. In 2018, the difference was $2,200.

I have no predictions at this point. There are too many changing variables inside & outside real estate and not enough trend lines – yet, but it does appear the market is easing at this time.

It may be difficult to make sense of all these numbers and how it applies to your situation. I am more than happy to answer questions and chat with you to make a plan so you can best maneuver the ever-changing real estate market.

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