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Welcome to Centralia: The Hub City

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City of Centralia, WA Logo
Image courtesy of Chehalis-Centralia Chamber Way

So just why exactly is Centralia nicknamed the Hub City? Before we answer that question, let me delve into a little history.

Looking at the logo, you can see a hub of a wheel. This is just a little misleading! Centralia is located between two major seaports, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. It’s also less than two hours to the ocean and over the mountains to the central part of the state.

George Washington,
Founder of Centralia
Photo courtesy of HistoryLink.Org

Originally named Centerville for its central location, its founder George Washington (not the President the state was named after) changed the name to Centralia after complaints of confusion with a nearby town with the same name.

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Maybe you can now guess why Centralia is nicknamed the Hub City? It is a centrally located city that became a railroad hub to just about any direction you wanted to head. While there are still trains that run through Centralia, most of that cargo was replaced by semi trucks or no longer part of the industry that made the city what it is today.

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