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The Anatomy of the Deal

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Part 6: The Inspection Addendum

35R: The Inspection Addendum

The Inspection Addendum, or 35R, is perhaps the most important of all the addenda for a buyer. The 35R states your intentions to have a home inspection completed. This consists of checking hvac systems, plumbing, electrical, foundation, attic, etc. There is NO perfect home and even new builds have things here and there. Even if you don’t ask for these issues to be fixed, its always good to be aware of them and potential issues down the road.

Another important aspect of the 35R is that it allows you, the buyer, the ability to look at EVERYTHING about the house. Sure, certain forms allow for neighborhood/title/etc. review, but if you don’t have those forms, the 35R will have you covered. Find something you don’t like? You can back out, no questions asked using the 35R. I would always speak with your agent first, as they deal with these issues on a daily basis. Some things may feel like they’re a big deal, but your agent may be able to calm your fears by letting you know a simple fix and/or how to get the seller to fix it, or other concessions.

There are very few cases where I would suggest to my buyer to waive their inspection. It is a very nice carrot to dangle in front of the seller knowing that buyer is serious and won’t back out and they also won’t have to deal with potential issues that would have come up on the inspection. Most sellers I know would take a lesser offer if this step is skipped, so its a good tactic when in a multiple offer scenario.

If you have any questions about this form or any others, feel free to reach out. If you’d like a knowledgeable agent to guide you smoothly through the purchasing/selling process, I just happen to know a guy!

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