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3 Things to Experience In Lewis County this May

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3 Things to Experience In Lewis County this May

As I am writing this the sun is shining, begging me to come outside and play! While there is still roughly two more months of Spring, it does appear the wintry weather is behind us. One of the many great things about Lewis County is all the outdoor activities, so that warm yellow ball in the sky is your invitation to the vast, wild, & fresh air!

#1 Summit to Swamp Mud Run

This is happening TOMORROW, Saturday April 27th. It’s not in May, but it sounds like a ton of fun, so I’m including it! Think of American Ninja Warrior with mud. Tons of obstacles and plenty of time to try them over and over. However, you can’t have any fun without a little competition as well, right? There are timed races as well for those who agree! Fun for all ages. For more information, check out Summit to Swamp Mud Run.

#2 37th Annual Lewis County Historical Ride

Two Saturdays after the Summit to Swamp Mud Run, you can enjoy a scenic bike ride in the rural areas of the county. From farms to mountain views, with routes from 20 miles up to 100 miles, there is a little something for everyone! As always, the terrain will vary and you’ll have to check the routes to see which ones sound best to you. For more information check out 37th Annual Lewis County Historical Ride.

#3 Community Farmers Market of Chehalis

Typically, the Community Farmers Market of Chehalis runs during the Summer months. However, this year it opens early on May 7th for the Spring Plant Sale. Farmers, artisans, nurseries, etc. you name it will be there selling locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. My personal favorite, the chocolate covered gummy bears! You can find out more information at
Community Farmers Market of Chehalis.

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