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Hike, Bike, & Float Your Way to Pe Ell, Washington!

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Hike, Bike, & Float Your Way to Pe Ell, Washington!

One of the lesser known towns of beautiful Lewis County is Pe Ell. Located about 20 minutes west of Chehalis, Pe Ell is one of the gateways to outdoor activities on your way out of Lewis County. Don’t blink, you might miss it!

Photo Credit: Curtis Cronn


Established in 1906, Pe Ell was originally a timber & farming hub, complete with a train depot. Funny thing is, nobody actually knows how the name came about! The story I heard growing up was the main settler’s name was actually Pierre and the locals either heard it wrong or pronounced it wrong. I could not pronounce my R’s growing up so this legend makes sense to me.

However, as with most towns established on dying industries, the one-time hub is now 20+ miles off the beaten path and smaller than during its heyday.


Although no longer in its heyday as mentioned above, there are benefits in living in a small town. While jobs may be scarce, you’re not that far away from population centers if you don’t mind a little commute. Property values are lower than surrounding areas, greatly benefiting first time home-buyers and retirees.

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And the best part? Small town atmosphere including diners, like Evey’s, storefront shopping, historical buildings, and lot of community events!

Recreation & Events

Photo Credit: Local Photographer & Tecmo Champion Chris Brewer
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As previously mentioned, Pe Ell is a gateway to a lot of outdoor activities. It’s about 45 minutes on a beautiful drive to the Washington coast. It’s only a few minutes from hiking, trails, camping, and Rainbow Falls to name a few.

Other than the usual parades throughout the year, the area west of Chehalis is becoming well known for its annual Ride the Willapa festival, a bicyclist event for all ages and all skill levels. When this event is not going on, the trails are maintained and easy for walking or riding horses and enjoying the scenery.

If you have any questions about Pe Ell or the surrounding areas, you can contact me here.

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