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Stop and Smell the Roses of Chehalis, WA

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Stop and Smell the Roses of Chehalis, WA

Nicknamed, The Rose City, there’s so much to see and do in Chehalis, WA!

Location & History

Smack dab between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR along I-5 are the Twin Cities of Chehalis and Centralia! Although Centralia is more populous, Chehalis is the county seat. Being 1.5 hours from two different major cities, the Pacific Oceans and Cascade Mountains truly makes Chehalis a central hub for just about any activity you’d ever want to do, while also maintaining that small town charm. Chehalis had humble beginnings as a railroad town before growing to a population around 7,000. Although certain parts of the area have been hit by flooding, the city continues to grow and prosper! Why do they call it the “Rose City”, I’m not exactly sure other than it was adopted by the council in 2000. It was recently being discussed to change it (2010) to the “Friendly City”, but that never panned out.

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There’s so much activity throughout the year in Chehalis! Check out the full calendar here! I will highlight a few below:

Runs every Tuesday June through October and takes up an entire city block!

Enjoy local artists on a cool summer’s eve in the park!

Over 100 years of animals,rides, and
elephant ears! Yum! Don’t forget the destruction derby!

Although the setting of the movie series Twilight is in Forks 160 miles away, you can never be too safe. Get your garlic fill here!

Enjoy local artists from all over the county or submit an original work of your own!

As you can see, Chehalis is a great place to live, work, and play! If you’re ever passing through, make sure you Stop and Smell the Roses of Chehalis, WA!

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