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Top 3 Questions to Ask to Select the Right Agent

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Top 3 Questions to Ask to Select the Right Agent

Whether you’re considering buying or selling, you want to make sure you’re working with a knowledgeable professional. While the agent is previewing the home to determinate a salable value and interviewing you as a motivated seller, you should also be interviewing them to determine their expertise, knowledge, and marketing plan for your home. Easier said than done, right? Well, here’s a start. Three questions to help you separate the wheat from the chaff!

#1 – What services do you provide that set you apart from other agents?

This may seem like a hard hitting question, but it provides the agent an opportunity to sell themselves and showcase their services. Also, if they can point out any differences, they’re not very knowledgeable on the competition and can’t provide you the best service.

#2 – What is your average variation between initial list price and sales price?

This will help you determine if this is the type of agent who lists high to get the listing and either forgets about it or is constantly asking for price reductions. Most offers are within 3%-5% of current asking price, so why not price it right and save you the hassle of the constant upkeep to sell a home?

#3 – If I am not satisfied and you do not correct the situation to my satisfaction, will you let me out of the contract?

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you feel your agent is not working for you, this is the golden ticket to keep their feet held to the fire. The typical contract my market is 6 months. No sense in waiting for the contract to expire, especially if you’re only a few weeks/months in.

One more tip. Don’t just take their word for it! Ask them to back it up with evidence. Just these three questions could save you months of hassle, stress, and thousands of dollars.

What about you? Have you had any horror stories working with an agent? What questions do you ask? Have a general question about real estate? Let me know! I’m happy to help!

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