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Watch This Before Giving Up on Buying A Home

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Learn Why You Should Still Consider Purchasing A House, Even In This Market

If you’re thinking about buying now or in the future, this pertains to you! So many people have no idea what it takes to buy a home and they don’t even realize that they are actually in a position to purchase. Don’t make the mistake that hundreds of buyers have in the past and wait when they didn’t need to because they didn’t take the time to find out. I mean let’s face it most of us don’t know what we just don’t know, right?

Home Buying Seminar

Hi, I’m Eren Millam with Premiere Property Group,  and if you’re even curious about what it may or may not take to purchase, come and take the time to find out what it takes to buy a home in this market.

You Can Buy a Home in Lewis County, WA

Listen, people often think that they need tons of money down and excellent credit. Well, that’s just not always the case. There are programs available, grants and the like that can help. Our partners can even help you maximize your credit score!  Even if you’ve had a short sale, bankruptcy or foreclosure, you may also be able to purchase. Or, perhaps you’re gun-shy from your last home buying or selling experience. 

Choosing the Right Realtor to Buy a Home

And listen, I also know that everyone knows a realtor. But take caution because a lack of experience and knowledge can not only lead to problems and stress on your behalf, but it can also cost you an exorbitant amount of money.  So come and join me and a few other professionals who can advise you so we can get you enjoying the benefits of home ownership. Sooner is always better than later! I’m excited to be a part of your journey!

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