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Low Interest Rates Driving High Buyer Demand

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The increasingly high demand of home buyers due to one of the lowest interest rates in history is another great reason for a seller to sell their home right now.

If you’ve contemplated selling, well there hasn’t ever been a better time. Also, we don’t know how long interest rates are going to remain this low and how long inventory is going to remain low.

I would  imagine that a lot of people have been putting off selling their home because of the Virus.  As the world begins to open back up, and people start to feel more safe, you can imagine that the inventory levels should start to increase and buyers will have more to choose from.

Right now we’re seeing multiple offers and bidding wars like crazy in this market.  Buyers are practically giving away their first born child to get into homes. 

Showing time, which tracks the number of buyer showings on residential properties, recently reported that buyers showings are up 51.5%.  And listen to what Daniil C. the Chief Analytics Officer of Showing Time quotes: “As anticipated, as demand for real estate remains elevated and continues to be affected by low levels of inventory….On average, each home is getting 50 percent or more requests this year compared to January of last year.  As we head into the busy season, it’s likely we’ll push into even more extreme territory until supply starts catching up with demand.”

So sellers there’s no time like the present, don’t let this high opportunity of high buyer demand pass you by, the ball’s in your court, you’ve got the selling advantage. 

Make it an extraordinary day!! Oh, Be sure to look out for 4 other videos on why now is the right time to sell and if you’d like to binge watch you can check out our YouTube channel below.

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