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The Most Interesting Realtor in the World

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Most people burst into tears when he leaves the room. He once saved a baby’s life from an angry gorilla using only his pointer finger. His beard is responsible for adding two kids to his family, less than 9 months apart. He is the most interesting realtor in the world.

I’m not always this extraordinary, but sometimes I am. Stay extraordinary my friends.

Alright, alright. So only part of that is true.

So, I’m actually pretty boring, but I do love real estate and most people find that pretty interesting. I also love living here in Lewis County, Washington. From the small towns, the moderate climate. From being less than two hours from vastly different areas in every direction. Less than two hours north is Seattle, Washington. Less than two hours east is major lakes and towering mountains. A little further and you’re in the desert. Less than two hours south is Portland, Oregon. And less than two hours west is the Pacific Ocean and beaches! If you’re in to that outdoor life, we’ve really got it all OR easy access to it.

Being in real estate, you know I love Monopoly and all sorts of competitive games and sports. They don’t call me Razzle Dazzle for nothing! The drive to win and excel is what gives me purpose. Then afterwards, celebrating with a fine cigar and brandy, while listening to classical music and dreaming of flying my own Bonanza G36.

But, enough of my boring self. Let’s talk about you and your goals and how I can assist you in your journey to the good life. If you’re considering relocating in or out of Centralia, Washington 98531 or Chehalis, Washington 98532 – give me a call!

I believe extraordinary service delivers extraordinary results and anything less is not worth your time. Make it an extraordinary day!

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