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Buy a Home with NO MONEY DOWN using the USDA Rural Development Program in Chehalis/Centralia

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Buy a Home with NO MONEY DOWN using the USDA Rural Development Program in Chehalis/Centralia

Are you thinking about buying your next home, but don’t have any money down? Did you know that you can buy a house with no money down using the USDA Rural Development Program? It’s true! Keep reading below for more details!

Not eligible for the USDA Rural Development Program? You can still buy a house with as little as 3% down. Talk to your lender or call me for more details!


Before going any further, lets discuss a little bit about who qualifies.

  • Income limit of $74,900 for a family of 4 or
  • Must be able to afford mortgage payments
    including taxes and insurance
  • Reasonable Credit Histories (usually 620 or


Now that you’re eligible for a USDA Loan, you’ll need to know how to qualify.
  • You must be in an eligible area.


Fortunately, the entirety of Lewis County is eligible, including Chehalis and Centralia, so that is not difficult to figure out by your address! However, if you live outside Lewis County, you can check your area’s eligibility here:


You’re eligible and qualified, now you must get approved! As discussed before, you must have at least a 620 credit score.
Not sure what your credit score is? I use a FREE site called CreditKarma. Another option to try is Wallet Hub.
You will need the following:
  • Loan Application
  • Pay Stubs last two months
  • W-2s for last two years
  • Bank statement for last two months
  • Other items required by lender
Make copies of everything! Make sure to ask your lender before the meeting what paperwork they will need so you won’t have to make multiple trips!


A USDA home must be “Safe, Sound, and Sanitary”. Here are the qualities in a home to look for:
  • Cannot be sub-dividable
  • Cannot have “farm buildings” or any other buildings that could be used to generate income
  • Must have adequate water and wastewater systems
  • Cannot have any pools
  • Must be functionally adequate
  • Must be in good repair
  • Cannot be in flood plain (not 100% accurate, but a good rule of thumb since only a small percentage of properties would actually qualify in a flood plain)
  • Cannot be manufactured (again, not 100% accurate for similar reasons as above)
  • Must be owner-occupied
These are the basics you will need to know when thinking about buying a home or property. You CAN buy a house with no money down using the USDA Rural Development Program!
Still not sure where to start?  Contact me today and I’ll put you in touch with a USDA Specialist in your area!
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