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Questions Home Sellers Should Ask Realtors

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Selling your home is a big decision, and it’s important to choose the right real estate agent to help you. Here are some questions sellers should ask realtors to make sure they’re the right fit for you, but first…

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Questions Sellers Ask Realtors when Selling Your Home

What is your experience selling homes in my area?

You want to work with an agent who is familiar with the local real estate market and knows what homes in your area are selling for. Ask the agent how long they’ve been selling homes in your area and what their average sales price is. More important than average sales price, is their average sale to list price ratio. Some of the “top” agents in Lewis County sell 10-15% their original list price. This means their inflating the price to get the listing. For context, the average agent in Lewis County sells closer to 94% of list price. Try to find an agent above that! Oh, I just happen to know one!

What is your marketing plan for selling my home?

Questions Sellers Ask Realtors
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A good real estate agent will have a comprehensive marketing plan for selling your home. Ask the agent what they plan to do to market your home, including listing it on the MLS, staging it, and holding open houses. More important than their plan, is to ask for examples. There are MANY agents out there who promise professional photos. However, your definition of professional photography and the agent’s might not be the same. For example, a portrait photographer is not equipped to do a professional real estate package.

What is your commission rate?

The commission rate is the percentage of the sale price that the agent will earn. It’s customary for the seller to pay both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent a commission. Ask the agent what their commission rate is and if they are willing to negotiate. A good agent typically does NOT lower their commission without concessions from you. If they do lower their commission without a fight, how well do you think they’ll negotiate to get top dollar for you?

What are your fees?

In addition to the commission, there may be other fees associated with selling your home, such as listing fees, staging fees, and home warranty fees. Ask the agent about all of the fees involved in selling your home so you can budget accordingly. In most cases, agents will offer these benefits as part of their commission, but it is a good idea to ask. Staging costs at least $300 / room so it’d be good to know that up front. If the agent does charge extra fees, most will agree to receive their payment at closing from the proceeds of the sale. This is ideal so you don’t have any risks in case they’re unable to find a buyer for your home.

What is your timeline for selling my home?

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Every seller has a different timeline for selling their home. Some sellers need to sell quickly, while others are willing to wait for the right buyer. Ask the agent what their timeline is for selling your home and if they are willing to work with your timeline. In general, a 6-month contract is what most agents try to get, but great agents will know exactly how much time is needed to sell the home. However, don’t just ask them for the information, ask them to show you the actual data that helped them reach that conclusion.

What is your availability?

You’ll want to work with an agent who is available to show your home to potential buyers. Ask the agent what their availability is and if they are willing to show your home during evenings and weekends. The truth is, some agents are too busy to provide extraordinary service to each one of their clients. Many sellers complain that after listing, they never hear from their agent again.

What is your communication style?

It’s important to work with an agent who communicates effectively. Ask the agent how they will communicate with you throughout the selling process and what their preferred method of communication is. More importantly, tell them what you’re preferred communication method is. One of my clients used to work with a older agent, who was used to the older ways of putting deals together, but my client is much younger and prefers electronic signings instead. The key takeaway is to make sure you’re compatible with how you prefer to communicate.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Every real estate agent has strengths and weaknesses. Ask the agent what they feel are their strengths and weaknesses so you can get a sense of their abilities. Not only that, but this question would throw them for a loop because it never comes up. Might be fun to try! My strengths are marketing and data analytics, which is why I’m able to set so many records. My weakness is I overload clients with numbers and over-explain when a simple “yeah, I can sell your house” will do. I am great at selling homes, not so good at selling myself.

Can I see a list of your references?

It’s always a good idea to get references from previous clients. Ask the agent for a list of references and then contact them to get their feedback on the agent’s services. Most realtors will provide a list of reviews, but I’ve never been asked for a list of references. A more in depth look might be to ask for the contact information for a home that never closed. This will give you a better idea of how the agent responds to adversity.

Do you have any questions for me?

At the end of your interview, ask the agent if they have any questions for you. This is a good way to gauge the agent’s interest in working with you and to get a sense of their knowledge of the real estate market. Typically, I will ask all the pertinent questions ahead of time or during the listing presentation. However, there’s always room for one last question, “When would you like me to have your home listed?”

Summing Up Questions Sellers Ask Realtors

Selling your home is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. By asking the right questions, you can find the right real estate agent to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Let’s face it though, sometimes even the best questions don’t give us all the information we need. Sometimes we choose the wrong agent. Make sure your agent provides you with an easy exit strategy as a fail safe. I’ve seen too many people stuck in a long term contract after realizing their agent is not a good fit.

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