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Top Reasons Your Home Expired

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Today we’re going over the top reasons your home expired from the market. And no, it’s not always price.

#3 Your Home is U-G-L-Y.

UGLY. Now, homes don’t have to be staged to sell, but they need to be clean and they need to have curb appeal. I will post another video on this later.

#2 Your Home REEKS.

When a buyer has to plug their nose or gasps for air when LEAVING the house, you definitely have a PROBLEM. It could be anything from mold to pets. You can’t overlook this!

#1 Your Agent didn’t do their job. Period.

Whether that be marketing or pricing, your agent is supposed to be a professional and an expert.

Now that Your Home Expired

So there you have it. The top 3 reasons your home expired from the market. Your phone is probably blowing up with “agents that have buyers but didn’t bring them when you were listed”. So what do you do from here? I’d recommend speaking with an agent with demonstrable knowledge in marketing and/or staging (get a FREE copy of my Staging Guide here). You can find that out by asking about their designations (see a list of National Association of Realtors designations here). Look for someone who can give you solid recommendations rather than just throwing out that it was price. Because, obviously, anything will sell if you price it low enough! Now, go out and make it extraordinary!

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