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A Brief Comparison of Top Real Estate Brokerages

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Are you considering switching real estate brokerages but don’t know where to start? Are you wanting to know more about certain brokerages without being recruited? Well then stay tuned because we’re going to go over the top brokerages in our area next!

I’ve looked at all the brick and mortar companies, and some online companies as well and compared them based on commission splits, training, culture, and other benefits.

Commission Splits of Top Real Estate Brokerages

First, let’s take a look at commission splits. If you want the highest split with the lowest costs, your top three brokerages are:

#1 Premiere Property Group (100% split, $7,000 cap)

#2 eXp (80% split until $16,000 cap, then 100%)

#3 ReMax (95% split, at least $13,200 annual desk fee)

Training at Top Real Estate Brokerages

Next, let’s take a look at training. Many real estate brokerages will tell you they offer a robust training program, but you must make sure you see examples b/c most of it is garbage from the 80s & 90s.

#1 eXp (an entire online world of training, masterminds, and constantly refreshed and added to)

#2 Premiere Property Group (Monthly sales/marketing classes, CE classes, masterminds, specialty trainings, and a mentorship program to learn from top agents)

#3 Keller Williams (tons of trainings, masterminds, a “university”, but not always free)

Other Benefits of Top Real Estate Brokerages

Finally, let’s take a look at some extra benefits. For this we’ll look at ways of earning extra money just for doing your job.

#1 PPG (Retirement once you’re vested, you’ll receive 10% of every commission (up to their cap) for every person you’ve referred to the company and every person they refer to the company 5 levels deep. If you die, your spouse will continue to earn this income)

#2 eXp (Revenue share similar to PPG, but 3.5% of every commission and 7 levels deep. Also agents can receive stock equity in the company based on their production.)

#3 Keller Williams (Profit Share after you’ve capped based on how many agents you bring on)


Every brokerage has their own distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. You’ll have to decide what works best for you. Some things we didn’t go over are culture, modern or old school, etc. However, these seem to be the most important for agents. If you have any questions about these companies or other ones you’ve heard of that you’d like explained, feel free to reach out to me. My name is Eren Millam with Premiere Property Group and remember, if you’re thinking about switching, its better to do it sooner rather than later.

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