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Comparing Commission Splits

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One of the biggest factors when choosing a real estate brokerage revolves around comparing commission splits. That’s exactly what we’re doing in this video and post.

*Disclaimer: Your numbers may vary as commissions are negotiable.

Comparing Real Estate Brokerages

Is your brokerage taking too much of your hard earned commissions? Are they providing you leads or training that they promised was top notch? If your brokerage is lacking, this video is for you, and don’t worry, I’m not from eXp.

I’ve looked at all the brick and mortar companies, and some online companies as well and compared them based on commission splits, training, culture, and other benefits.

For this post, I’m just going to focus on commission so you can see what you stand to gain and how much you’re losing every year.

If you’re an agent for C21, you might want to plug your ears because it’s not pretty!

In my area, we have C21, Windermere, John L Scott, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Realty World, Realty One Group, Keller Williams, and some boutique outfits.

Honestly, they are all outdated.

Keller Williams does have a robust training program, but it’s not free and most of those agents are leaving for ExP. Typically, you’ll find a 50-70% split to start with bonuses up to around 90% once you’ve met certain income thresholds.

Brokerages that Stand Apart

The companies that stand out are ReMax, Realty One Group, ExP, and my brokerage, Premiere Property Group. Each of these START at 80% or greater splits.


ReMax is 95-100% with a monthly desk fee of at least $1,100. So the minimum you’d pay your brokerage is $13,200.

Realty One Group

Realty One Group is 100% with a transaction fee. It is variable, but for purposes of this post, let’s say it averages out to $500, which is probably a little lower than actuality. If you’re a top producer, this could get expensive! 50 transactions would cost you $25,000 where if you only do 10 transactions, it will cost you $5,000.


ExP is 80% with a cap of $16,000.

Premiere Property Group, LLC

Premiere Property Group is 100% with an office fee of $7,000.

Comparing Commission Splits

Let’s take a look at how this comes out if you do 25 transactions per year, or just over 2 per month.

C21: $112,125

ReMax: $178,125

RoG: $175,000

eXp: $172,500

PPG: $187,500

*Disclaimer: Your numbers may vary as commissions are negotiable.

I left out the other companies because none of them surpass $150,000. Really, there’s only 4 decent options in this area. If you’re not at the top 4, you’re missing out on at least $24,000 annually and If you’re at C21, it’s at least $60,000 annually.

Do you think you could spend $60,000 annually to improve your business better than C21? Of course you could! But you can’t until you make the jump to a better brokerage. If you want to learn more about how I came by these numbers or how you can start the process of bettering your business, feel free to reach out at any time.

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