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Your Real Estate Brokerage is Behind the Times

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Are you still paying more than 20k in brokerage fees? Are you considering switching because your innovative ideas are falling on deaf ears? Is your real estate brokerage so far behind the times that they’re called, “old school”?


I’ve looked at all the brick and mortar companies, and some online companies as well and compared them based on commission splits, training, culture, and other benefits.

The Way it Used to Be

I heard stories from older agents when real estate used to be a book that came out once per month and you had to go to the office to get the key before going to the house and then you had to return the key to the brokerage before you could go on your next showing.

I’m so glad I was not alive to see that!

The Way it is Now

There’s a lot of new brokerages springing up these days, and they’re all skewing towards better splits, better training, better everything. And, most of it is moving online. If you’re at a brick and mortar brokerage, chances are, you’re brokerage is behind the times.

Many of these brokerages don’t offer much training, and if they do, it’s recorded videos from the 80s and 90s. They typically don’t update their computers and if they’re running Microsoft Products it’s usually from before the turn of the century.

Branding, what Branding? You’re on your own.

One of the draws to brick and mortar brokerages is that they offer leads. Most of these leads are typical internet leads. I’d rather save the brokerage fees and waste my own money on internet leads rather than sharing them with officemates, wouldn’t you?

Now, if you love where you’re at, good for you.

The Way it Can be Better

But, If you’re like the countless others who feel most brokerages are behind the times, there are a few good options for you in this area.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices and need more information, feel free to reach out and I’ll share with you the pros and cons of each.

Remember, if you’re thinking about switching, its better to do it sooner rather than later.

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