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Is the Real Estate Market as Good as the Media Says?

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You may see over the next few months that the housing market is increasing drastically as compared to year over year from last year around this time.

Last year data covering March, April, May and June we saw significant flatlining in the housing market because of that dirty little C word.  I have a feeling the news and headlines in the upcoming months are going to boast of massive increases as compared to last year (the media tends to do that a lot), but that’s not really the case.

As we have certainly had a great year as far as home appreciation in the housing market due to the one of the lowest inventory levels I’ve ever seen in the past 8 years in conjunction with one of the lowest interest rate levels, but if you compare last year’s numbers to this years, it will seem strikingly different.

It’s not the same market as what was happening last year at this time as compared to what is happening now. Essentially, the increase is due to two things that were transpiring last year around this time which were drastically lower housing numbers during the arrival of the virus as well as a subsequent strong rebound.  I’ve been selling Real estate in Chehalis, WA 98532 and Centralia, WA 98531 for almost a decade and if I didn’t know any better, I’d be fooled to.

So just be cautious making any decision without speaking with someone who’s got the experience and knowledge to help you with an informed decision.  Bottom line, there’s probably going to be some crazy headlines about the sensational real estate market as compared to last year, but don’t be fooled, the market is finally getting back to normal.

Feel free to reach out to my team and I and if you’d like a hassle free virtual assessment of your property, we’d be glad to hop on a zoom with you as well.  Make it an extraordinary day!

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