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How to Sell Your Home Using Social Media

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When was the last time you went shopping on line? Amazon, Google? Well guess what? Real estate is really no different. When you’re selling your home, placing a yard sign on the front lawn and sticking it on the MLS, that’s basic. Are you missing out on social media platforms with the most traffic?

Hi, I’m Eren Millam w/ Premiere Property Group, LLC.

You need maximized exposure to get your home in front of the most potential buyers. 95% of buyers search online for their homes, and 77 % use social media to search. yet only 16% of agents use social media in their marketing strategy. And Only 1% are doing it correctly.

As a real estate professional, I want to offer more and better so I came up with a disruptive strategic digital marketing plan that places your home in front of thousands of potential buyers weekly. You are probably looking at this video as a result of those efforts. Now if you like to hear more about how I use the tools of Fortune 500 companies to place your home in front of more buyers, give me a call.

I’m Eren Millam with Premiere Property Group. I believe extraordinary service delivers extraordinary results! Now, go out and make it an extraordinary day!

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