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3 Ways to Save on Utility Bills this Summer

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Summer is finally here! Now that things are starting to heat up, you’re probably hearing your AC units kick on quite a bit. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you’re not “cooling the outside” like Dad used to say by doing these three things right now.

1. Look for areas where you can feel airflow

If you can feel air moving, that’s a dead giveaway there is a hole or gap that needs filled. Check around openings such as windows and doors. If your door sits too high, you can buy a draft stopper or roll up an old towel if you don’t use the door too much. Around the windows you can caulk. Another place to check is around the fireplace. Fireplaces are built for drafting air so make sure the flue is closed!

2. Check the Roof

When you go up on the roof, you’re looking for damage from the weather. Specifically, you want to make sure there are no areas that have been punctured or can allow for air to seep into the attic. Double check around intentional openings such as around skylights & vents.

3. Go into the attic

I know it’s scary but its better than the crawlspace right? Same rules for the roof apply here. You’re looking for damage and double checking around intentional openings. A lot of older homes are built without insulation in the attic. You’ll want to make sure you get the proper insulation for your space. Insulation is not cheap, but will save you a ton of money in the long run and provide peace of mind. The other thing to look for is disconnections or holes in your ducting. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve been in where the vent pipe is NOT connected to the vent. This can create a lot more problems than just increased utility bills.

Your HVAC ducting is not in the attic? It’s in the crawlspace! You must brave it or send your little ones in there as a chore. A stick and flashlight are necessary and probably a mask and gloves will give you some peace of mind as you take on the wild unknowns.

For more information and details, check out the source of this blog post Today’s Homeowner.

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