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Top 5 Things You Can Do to Raise Your Home’s Value Now

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What should we do to prepare our home to list? That is a great question I get asked all the time. The answer is really, quite simple & inexpensive! As with every situation, the answer depends on the exact circumstances. However, generally, the homes that do these five tasks will sell for much more and in less time.

5. Clean

Other than your normal cleaning rituals, this is a deep clean, spring cleaning type of clean. Wash the windows, clean the carpets, and mop the floors. Leave no stone left unturned! Buyers want to feel like the home is ready for them to move in to.

4. Small Fixes

Perhaps you have a light bulb that needs replaced or that outlet just needs a cover plate. These are the little things that don’t take much effort or cost, but create a story in the buyer’s mind of neglect. If you’re aware of larger repairs, you should take care of those now unless you want to sell as-is and make a lot less!

3. Curb Appeal

This one can be hard in the winter, but there’s nothing better than a well manicured lawn and flowerbeds to invite you into the house. If it’s nice on the outside, it’s probably amazing on the inside! Buyer’s may not even enter the home if the curb appeal, or lack thereof, is a turn off.

2. Paint

A fresh coat of paint does a few different things. First, it protects the wall it adorns. Second, it can cover up small puncture holes and dust/grime that can accumulate over time. Third, it smells like a new home allowing the buyer to feel like they can make it their own and it’s been well cared for.

1. Hire an Extraordinary Realtor

Although it seems like shameless plug, it really does make a difference! If you hire an agent who’s not informed or trained in marketing, chances are they won’t do a good job of marketing your home, thus ensuring a lower price. If you hire an agent who doesn’t know how to target specific buyers, you’re going to deal with a lot of tire-kickers and field low offers. Finally, if you hire an agent who can’t tell you what buyers like and back it up with stats, how will they help you to position your home’s leverage and negotiate a great deal on your behalf?

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation to find out how you can raise your home’s specific value, you can reach me HERE.

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