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Top 5 Seller Complaints (And Why They’re Easy to Fix)

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Top 5 Seller Complaints (And Why They’re Easy to Fix)

5. Agent Tried to Give My Home Away

Top 5 Seller Complaints_Give Your Home Away
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“Your home doesn’t have any offers, we need to reduce the price” Does that sound familiar? Every drop in price seems like you’re leaving money on the table just so the agent can make a quick sell. While that may or may not be the case, an agent can’t reduce the price of your home without your signature. If you’re not sure what your agent is doing to market your home, why would you agree to a price reduction? I see many sellers SETTLE for poor marketing because they’ve entrusted their agent to get the job done, without verifying the quality of work. 

Easy Fix:  Ask your agent for examples of their work, then ask for the analytics. If it’s not up to par, ask them to update it. If they refuse, talk to their designated broker, and if it still doesn’t get fixed – tell them you want to cancel the listing.

4. Agent Made My Home Look Like a Dungeon

We’ve all seen it, there’s even websites dedicated to it: The Horrible Picture. Whether it’s dark, grainy, sideways, or there’s something creepy in the middle of the room, there’s no shortage of unprofessional photos for listings. Some agents simply don’t know any better and some are just lazy. 
Easy Fix:
The stats don’t lie, here is one example. If your agent does not provide professional photography to sell your listing, demand it or find another agent who does.
The professional photography difference for the same listing
The professional photography difference for the same listing

3. Agent Did Not Do Anything to Sell My Home

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While there are agents who do nothing, the majority at least do something. The problem is this is never communicated to the seller. I’ve actually heard agents say, “All agents do the same thing, pick who you like the best.” These agents truly believe there is no difference, and that’s truly sad. If an agent can’t differentiate themselves from the competition, how hard do you think they’re going to try to get your home sold? 
Easy Fix:
Make sure your agent has a plan of action, and make sure you understand what’s happening. If that plan is not being carried out, speak with your agent and see if they’re willing to correct it in writing.


2. Agent Only Contacted Me to List and Re-list When My Home Expired.

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I’m not sure how this occurs. There are so many emotions that happen when you’re selling your home, it’s like riding a roller coaster. How does the agent not call with feedback from showings, marketing updates, or just to check in? In my listing appointments, I am explicit about what and when I communicate and I invite my clients to call me anytime. I can’t promise to answer the phone immediately but I always make time to return calls at the end of the day. Agents are the ones getting paid to serve you, not the other way around.
Easy Fix:
Make sure you have a communication plan with your agent in place before listing and make sure your agent follows it.

1. Agent Did Not Sell My Home

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And the #1 complaint from sellers I hear is that their agent just did not get it done. Coincidentally, or not, usually the other complaints on this list show up in the conversation as well. You have so many different companies and agents to choose from, it’s hard to know what the correct decision is. 
Easy Fix:
Here’s a couple questions to separate the wheat from the chaff:

#1. Will you put it in writing that you will let me out of the contract if I’m not happy with your services?

If the answer is not unequivocally yes, move on.

#2. Other than price and closing costs, how can you save me money during the negotiating of the offer?

This question tests their knowledge of real estate forms. If they can’t come up with at least 1 immediately, move on.

#3. Will you agree to a communication plan and put it in writing?

If the answer is not unequivocally yes, move on.

#4. What is your average list to sales price ratio?

If they don’t know this off the top of their head, move on. Ask them to present the evidence to you before signing.

#5. What services do you provide that are different from your competitors?

If the answer is “we’re all the same” or “customer service”, move on. I’m not saying customer service isn’t something that differentiates, it’s just subjective. Look for answers that are verifiable and produce results. 
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