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Located halfway between Seattle and Portland along the I-5 corridor, 1.5 hours from the beach/mountains/desert, Lewis County is the perfect central hub to everything Washington state offers! Less than 30 minutes from the state capital, Lewis County maintains a small town atmosphere and one of the lowest costs of living in the area!


Lewis County enjoys a moderate climate with temperatures averaging between 34 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer months. The lush green hillsides are fed by 47 inches of rain per year. Though weather can change dramatically from the west end of the county, near sea level, to the east end which quickly rises into the Cascade Mountain Range.


Lewis County was the very 1st county established in Washington state in 1845. Part of the Oregon Territory, multiple countries sought this land for its highly valuable fur trading. In the late 1800s, the economy switched to timber and logging which brought people from the Midwest and Eastern part of the United States in large numbers. During the height of the timber and logging industry from 1870-1930, the population exploded by 4500% from 888 to 40,034 according to U.S. census data. As of 2015, the population is estimated at approximately 75,000 and the county is known for its vast areas of farmland.